Zinnias come in various types, each with its unique characteristics and appearances. Here are some of the main types of zinnias:

1. Single-flowered Zinnias: These zinnias have a single layer of petals around the central disc, giving them a simple and elegant look. They are available in a wide range of colors and are popular choices for garden borders and containers.

2. Double-flowered Zinnias: Double-flowered zinnias have multiple layers of petals, creating a full and pom-pom-like appearance. They are prized for their dense and showy blooms, making them a favorite for cut flower arrangements.

3. Cactus-flowered Zinnias: These zinnias have long, slender, and spiky petals that resemble the shape of cactus flowers. The striking and unique appearance of cactus zinnias adds interest to garden beds and floral displays.

4. Semi-double Zinnias: Semi-double zinnias have an intermediate number of petals between single and double-flowered varieties. They strike a balance between simplicity and fullness, offering a diverse range of options for gardeners.

5. Button or Pompon Zinnias: Button zinnias have small, compact blooms with tightly packed petals that resemble little buttons. They have a charming and quaint appearance, perfect for small garden spaces or containers.

6. Dwarf Zinnias: Dwarf zinnias are smaller in stature, making them ideal for borders, edging, or container gardening. Despite their diminutive size, they still offer a profusion of colorful blooms.

7. Tall Zinnias: Tall zinnias are the giants of the zinnia world, reaching heights of up to three feet or more. They are impressive backdrops in garden beds and can create a dramatic visual impact.

8. California Giants: California Giant zinnias are a specific cultivar known for producing large, vibrant, and multicolored blooms. They are highly sought after for their eye-catching appearance and impressive size.

9. Lilliput Zinnias: Lilliput zinnias are small and delicate varieties with petite, button-like flowers. They are excellent choices for rock gardens, window boxes, or adding pops of color to small spaces.

10. Benary's Giant Zinnias: Benary's Giant zinnias are renowned for their extra-large, fully double flowers and sturdy stems. They are often used as cutting flowers due to their long vase life and bold presence.

11. Profusion Zinnias: Profusion zinnias are a series of hybrid zinnias that offer excellent disease resistance and continuous blooming throughout the growing season. They are a popular choice for low-maintenance gardens.

12. Swizzle Zinnias: Swizzle zinnias are bicolor varieties with unique color patterns, adding a splash of creativity to floral displays and gardens.

These are just a few examples of the diverse types of zinnias available. With the ongoing efforts of horticulturists and breeders, new zinnia varieties continue to emerge, expanding the range of options for gardeners and flower enthusiasts.